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Portable Wireless Tattoo Printer

Portable Wireless Tattoo Printer

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Size: 270X90X50mm


Voltage: 100-240V

Compatibility: IOS/Android/Mac os/Windows

Consumable Type: Thermal Paper

Interface Type: Bluetooth/USB

Resolution: 203dpi

Maximum print speed: 20mm/s

Printing width range: ≤210

Print length: 20mm-400mm

Brand Name: XNET

Model Number: MHT-P8008


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XNET Portable Thermal Tattoo Printer No Ink Needed Bluetooth Smart Stencil Transfer Machine

Support Multi-function Bluetooth Mode


Model: MHT-P8008
Battery: 2500mAh
Connection: cell phone, tablet Bluetooth connection, PC can only use USB cable connection
Printing Technology: Thermal printing
Paper type: A4 thermal paper
Maximum print speed:20mm/s
Printing width range:≤210
Print length:20mm-400mm
Weight: 0.83 kilograms

Tattoo paper uses the most economical thermal technology, you only need to refill A4 thermal paper, no ink cartridges, no ribbons.

Wide compatibility

Can use cell phone, tablet, PC.

Package includes:

1 x tattoo printer
1 x USB data cable
1 x packaging box
20 x A4 tattoo thermal paper

Note 1:

1. The only consumable is A4 thermal paper, no ink is required.
2. You must use a USB cable to use the PC, and you cannot use Bluetooth to connect to the PC.
3. Please keep the thermal paper at room temperature and in a dark environment.

Note 2:

Overheating the machine can cause paper jams!!!
● If the pattern is very complex or large shaded pattern, the machine needs to process a lot of information and the machine will easily overheat, resulting in a paper jam.
Do not transfer complex patterns continuously, you need to wait until the cover is opened to allow the machine to cool down sufficiently. Touch the thermal print head to see if the machine is cool.

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