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Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Special Features: Anti-dirty

Brand Name: BYGD

Item Type: Vacuum Cleaner

Item Weight: 600

Item Height: 3.5

Item Width: 6.5

Item Length: 36.8

Material Type: .

Model Name: .

External Testing Certification: none

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: none

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Wire/Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power Wet/Dry Powerful Suction Handheld Home & Car Dual Use Mini Vacuum Cleaner


Color: black, white

Product size: 36.8*6.5*3.5cm

Packing box size: 38*7.5*9cm

Material quality: ABS motor

Wireless weight: 600g

Wired weight: 580g

Vacuum suction: high 6000pa

Product features: Upgraded wireless model, high 6000pa powerful motor, lightweight and convenient, multiple filters, large-capacity battery, not only for cars, but also for home use


Preparation before use

1. Make sure that the components of the wireless vacuum cleaner have been assembled in place

2. Check whether the power is sufficient to ensure that the product works normally.

Charging instructions

1. Insert the adapter into the charging base and plug the other end into the power socket

2. Do not turn on the phone while charging



1. This product is only suitable for working in a dry environment. Do not use it in a humid environment.

2. Do not smoke high-temperature substances (cigarette butts, matches or hot ash), ultra-fine substances (such as lime, cement, wood chips, gypsum powder, ashes, carbon powder, etc.), large sharp fragments (such as glass, iron nails, pins) Etc.), dangerous goods (such as solvents, descaling agents, etc.), chemical substances (such as acidic substances, detergents, etc.), flammable and explosive liquids (gasoline, alcohol products).

3. Please keep the product airflow channels and moving parts away from hair, loose clothing, fingers and other parts of the body. Do not aim the airflow channels or tools at the eyes or ears.

4. Please check the cleaned area before use. If you find large pieces of paper, paper balls, plastic cloth or sharp objects, as well as things larger than the diameter of the straw, please exclude them in advance to prevent the nozzle pipe from being blocked and affecting the use of the product.

5. During use, if you find leakage or excessive motor temperature and abnormal noise, such as body heat, abnormal sound, odor, weak suction, etc., you should stop immediately.

6. Please check the dust cup regularly. If there is a lot of garbage in it, please clean it up in time. Keep the ventilation opening unobstructed to avoid blocking the suction power and the motor heats up, reducing the service life of the handheld vacuum cleaner.

7. All washable parts can be put into the host after they are dried.

8. When the machine breaks down, do not repair it by yourself, please call the after-sales department of our company for help.

9. This product is a power tool. Don't let the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner operate alone without being supervised.

10. This product is not suitable for persons with physical, sensory or intellectual impairments or persons with inexperience and common sense (including children), unless there is supervisio

Package Included:

1*Vacuum cleaner


1*Long flat brush

1*auxiliary connector


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