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Wiping Disposable Cleaning Brush

Wiping Disposable Cleaning Brush

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Bullet Points:

1. Easy Replacement: Thanks to its easily replaceable rags, this cleaning brush ensures effortless and hygienic cleaning. Its ergonomic handle and comfortable grip minimize effort while cleaning, making it a user-friendly tool for any surfaces.

2. Healthy Home Environment: Our rags replaceable cleaning brush features high-quality rags that can remove tough stains and grease from kitchen surfaces. The minimalist design makes it a stylish addition to your kitchen, while the replaceable rags ensure a cost-effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution.

3. Groundbreaking Design: The handle brush of this rags replaceable cleaning brush features a brilliant design that allows effortless switching between brush and 50 reusable cleaning cloths.

4. Efficient Dusting: Say goodbye to dirty rags with our rags replaceable cleaning brush. Push the handle and dispose cleaning cloths quickly. Experience a labour-saving and effective cleaning that comes with its attachable brush and long handle.

5. Multi-Purpose Scrubber: Perfect for cleaning kitchen counters, window, glass, doors, grease, scouring pads, dining tables and more. Its flexible head handle easily reach every angle, while its detachable rags can be cleaned and reused in a flash.


1. Product: Cleaning brush

2. Material: PP

3. Product size: (approx.)14*9*9cm/5.51*3.54*3.54 inches

4. Weight: about 350g

Packing List:

1pc*Cleaning brush

50pcs*Cleaning cloth

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