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Smart Alcohol Dispenser

Smart Alcohol Dispenser

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Brand Name: KAURIJIA



Feature: Stocked

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Model Number: Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser

Product Name: Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser

Feature 1: Automatic Wine Pourer

Feature 2: Wine Decanter

Feature 3: Wine Aerator Dispenser

Feature 5: Quick Sobering Decanter


1.No Wait and Better Tasting Wine - With built-in Magnetic force, oxidize device and red-light generator, This wine aerator is able to reduce the astringency of the wine in a second. You do not have to oxidize and mature your wine in traditional ways and just enjoy its purity, aroma when it is dispensed into your Goblet.Oxygenated wine aerating made the red wine volatilized more flavor molecules; magnetic design made the tannin more alcoholic, better taste.
2.One-Touch Operation - It is easier to operate with one button to start and stop; plus, it is equipped with a buggy bag for easy travel, portable red wine accessories. Best Gift for Wine Enthusiasts and Beginners.
3.Auto & Instant Aerating - The smart electric aerator will automatically aerate and pour into your glasses with one button operation, saving time and easy to use.
4.Portable and Easy to Clean - Put the aerator tube into bottle, and glass under the dispenser spout. Just fill up a bottle with water rinses tubes and the dispenser spout on its own.
5.USB Rechargeable Battery - Built-in Li-ion battery, once full charged it can aerates 100 bottles of 750ml red wine. It's more user-friendly and environmental than other brand's electric wine aerators that powered by carbon-zinc batteries. 
Best Gift for Wine Lover!!!

1. Rated power: 4W
2. Working voltage: 3.7V
3. Working current: 1A
4. Input voltage: DC-5V
5. Battery capacity: 500mAh
6. Material: ABS+ silicone
7. Product color: white
8. Applicable bottle mouth: 14-32mm
Video usage: Sensing the wine glass automatically dispenses.

Quantitative Setting:
1: Long press the switch key, the middle blue light is on, and enter the 20ml state of the factory setting.
2: If 20ml can not meet the requirements, double-click the switch, jump to the right blue light flashing non-stop, click the switch within 5 seconds, enter the custom start, and then press the switch to customize the completion. From then on, each water output is the set capacity.


1. Break through the red wine surface to play ;more flavor molecules in red wine.

2. Bring more oxygen into contact with red wine.

3. The magnet design makes the tannin in the red wine of the magnet more alcoholic.

4. Long wavelength of red light, strong penetratio n of red wine, promote red wine oxidation

5.simple and practical, elegant and generous, not only& nbsp;wine lovers and professional sommeliers carry essential w ine,more suitable for home,promotional gifts and so on.


1.Easy to use :With just a press of a button, you will have more surface area oxidation and luxur iously flavorful taste.

2.Pair with red and white wines, whiskey, scotch, and bitter beers to enjoy fireworks of flavor.



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