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Electric Protein Shaker Cup

Electric Protein Shaker Cup

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Brand Name: andralyn


Material: ABS


Applicable Occasions
This portable mixer is perfect for use at work, in a college dorm, hotel room, camping, or when traveling.
You can mix protein shakes, energy drinks, diet drinks, juice, cocktails, energy drinks, lemonade, baby formula and more.
Easy to Operate
Adding the desired liquid, press the power button on the motor to create the vortex, add the powder, wait 30 seconds. This vortex protein mixer bottle can mix all your powder shakes.
Easy Cleaning
This hand blender can be cleaned in a matter of seconds. Just add water and soap then turn on the motor. Allow the mixer to create a vortex of suds, then rinse it and its good to go.
Large Volume
The blender cup features portable and lightweight, and adopts large 600ml volume design, which lets you take your drinks anywhere you go.

Capacity: 450mL
Material: Cup lid AS+ small-cap PP, stirring rod PP, cup body AS, 304 stainless steel bottleneck ring
Size (cm): 6.4*8.5*20.5
Packing: PE bag + color box
Product color: stainless steel color

The usb socket is Type-C

Products Details
1. Shaking the cup body is made of imported food grade (PC) pure raw materials in one-time injection molding. The cup body has a certain degree of hardness. The inner and outer walls of the cup body are smooth, transparent and uniform, easy to clean, tough material, light and durable, and will not be deformed by cold or heat. , It is not easy to break, and the lid is well sealed; the lid and filter are made of imported environmentally friendly PP material.
2. Applicable temperature of the cup body: 100℃. However, it is generally not recommended to use high-temperature boiling water, and the water temperature is less than or equal to 60℃;
3. This product has a wide range of uses and is easy to carry, suitable for home, office, travel sports or field operations. Logo can be customized
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