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Soda Drinking Dispenser

Soda Drinking Dispenser

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Creative Soda Coke Bottle Upside Down Drinking Dispenser Saver Water Beverage Dispensers Tap Party Home Bar Kitchen Gadget

Pour the drink into the glass until the bottle is empty.

Very suitable for home, office, camping, entertainment and other occasions.

How to use: First screw the bottle mouth to the base, then turn over the bottle cap and put the bottle cap on the table to use.

Food grade plastic, does not contain bisphenol A. Can be washed and reused.

easy to use. Designed to prevent soda and other carbonated beverages from flattening.

Party soda dispenser inverted drinking water suction device switch drinking cola drinker

material: plastic

color: red

Size: 16.5*10CM

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