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Car Phone Holder with GPS Navigation

Car Phone Holder with GPS Navigation

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Brand Name: yggcoo


Color Name: black

Material: ABS

Fit for device size:: 3.5"-6.5"

Max Size of base Clip range:: 25mm

Device Type:: Car Dashboard Clamp Holder


Warm Tips

- Type A have the rubber in the clamp. Type B doesn't have the rubber. Please check the pictures.

- Openings must not exceed 40 mm.

- Don't place in the sun long exposure.

- Please check that the phone is properly fitted before driving.

- If your upper dashboard is too thin to grip, you can add some non-slip padding between the grip to tighten it.

- Not recommended Phone holding width under 2 inches, because it will easily fall off.

Partial Incompatible Vehicle models

For - Toyota Tundra, Toyota RAV4,Toyota Yaris, 4Runner

For - BMW X1, BMW525, BMW X4, BMW 523LI

For - Mercedes-Benz CLA, Mercedes-Benz G55

For - Honda Odyssey, Honda Fit, Honda CRV, Honda CIVIC, Honda Pilot

For - Mazda Axela, Ford F-150, Ford Escape, 2005 Forester, 2015 Ram 2500, 2011 Taurus


For - Escalade, Panamera, Envision, F150 Truck, Nissan Frontier, Dodge Neon SXT, Acura ILX, 2013 Sonata Limited, Tucson 2017, Lexus gs350 2008


Device Type: Car Dashboard Clamp Holder

Fit for device size: 3.5"-6.5"

Max Size of base Clip range: 25mm

Simple and convenient to install

Firm and hard

Application place: car

Package Includes:

1 x Car Dashboard Holder

Please contact us if u need retail package.

How to Install

1. Clip the base to the edge of the dashboard.

2. Use the phone to lift the upper clip and fit the phone.

3. Easily adjust the angle as you like.

Installation Tips

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